Strathclyde Police Federation

The Scottish Police Federation was established by Act of Parliament in 1919 to be the representative body of the Constables, Sergeants, Inspectors, and Chief Inspectors in the Scottish Police Service. The Scottish Police Federation’s motto is “Welfare and Efficiency”

Head Office - Merrylee Road
Head Office – Merrylee Road

The Federation operates through Joint Branch Boards established in each of the eight Scottish Police Forces.

The Joint Branch Board is made up of the Constables Board, the Sergeants Board, and the Inspectors and Chief Inspectors Board. Representatives on the separate boards are subject to election every three years and meet quarterly, both as separate boards and together as the Joint Branch Board.

Strathclyde Joint Branch Board is the largest of the eight Scottish branches of the Scottish Police Federation, and represents the interests of almost 7200 members which equates to nearly 50% of all Scotland’s Police officers.

The Joint Branch Board discuss and debate matters of local and national relevance.

Items are then dealt with locally, or referred for action nationally to the Joint Central Committee (JCC) of the Scottish Police Federation.

The Federation operates a voluntary contribution scheme, and the funds are regulated through The Strathclyde Police Federation Voluntary Fund Rules. The monies collected are used to assist members with all matters affecting their welfare and efficiency.