Scotish Police Golf Association

The Scottish Police Golf Association is a governing body that controls golf activities done by the people in the police force in Scotland. They do so by making sure that all the golf clubs are represented fully in the Championships that they organize themselves.

playing-golfThe association offers a very convenient and simple way of helping out all the golf lovers to be coached, mentored, and be members in the club which will greatly help in disbursing information about the many golf clubs in Scottland.This association was founded in the year 1920.It is made of a total of 9 forces in Scottland. This club has exclusively created a page to talk about the Championships of the Scottish Police Golf.

The Scottish Police Golf Association has organized many tournaments which include: The Scottish Police Golf Association Championships which took place at Murcar Links Golf club, the Willie Merriless trophy, the Scottish Office Handicap Challenge cup, The SPGA trophy for women, The Roderick Ross Challenge cup and the Grampian trophy among many more others.

Many members have participated in the Championships and a few have excelled and become winners in the Championships. Some of the winners include: Donna Macleod Who won in Moray at the British Policewomen’s Golf Tournament. Allison Gemmil also won twice at the 5 Lakes Resort. She is from Strathclyde Police. Other winners in the tournaments are Linda Allan, Robin Paton, Constables Stewart Wilson, Ricky Nicol, retired Officer Jim Jack and detective constable Ricky Nicol.

The association has also played a major role by giving back to the society in Scotland by inventing a special programme aimed at educating the volunteers in the many clubs on the major roles available, changing their lives greatly. They also do finance anyone who is responsible in organizing the matches and handicap and at the same time marketing the clubs available and the junior golf.

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